While some figures might suggest that 2017 was a year of contrasts for our Institute, a strong commercial dynamic and a number of particularly significant first-time events are qualifying this observation, as shown by the following indicators:

171. This is the total number of professionals levitra tab 20mg trained last year. With a yearly average of between 100 and 150 trainees over the last five years, this figure alone puts 2017 at a very high level.

4. This the number of first-time events achieved in 2017, including a first specific training action in Japan, a country considered as a complex and closed market by experts of the international aerospace industry. This first specific training action for a major member of the GIFAS Equipment Group allows our Institute to maintain the dynamics associated with being now listed as an entity delivering vocational training dedicated to French stakeholders wishing to develop buy levitra pro in international markets.

3. This is the number of consecutive months spent by professionals of the Asian space industry at IAS premises in 2017, attending the longest training action ever implemented by our teams.

76. This is the number of selected guests invited to attend our conference entitled ‘Training as a lever for international cooperation for the aerospace industry’ at Le Bourget Air show 2017. That’s not including our three Alumni who came expressly from Peru, Russia and South Africa to share their respective experience, their voices echoing those of four industrial partners and viagra cialis levitra aviz ministerul sanatatii customers of our Institute.

And above all 458. This represents the percentage of increase in our order book between 2016 and 2017, which reflects very significant contract awards, both in terms of duration and volume.