If there has been a significant year for the members of the IAS Alumni Network, it is the past year!

Firstly, during the first half of 2018, with the launch of a dedicated platform and social network, a tool that incorporates an alumni directory, forums, industry-related contents and photo galleries as well as news and event announcements. This tool has proved to be a great success.

Some ten alumni have since come back to the Institute to discuss future projects or attend further training sessions with other groups of professionals. For example, Mr. Nemesh TANDON (IAS 2005), Deputy General Manager (Quality) at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, returned after 13 years for a specific training action, the third session of the Aerospace Leadership Development training.

IAS then welcomed a Thai delegation led by Mr. Ravit SACHASIRI (IAS 2009) and Mr. Natthawat HONGKARNJANAKUL (IAS 2010), respectively Project and Contract Management and Head of Space Innovation Collaboration and Connectivity at GISTDA, the Thai space agency (see IAS Insider Q3 2018).

Two Turkish, three Brazilian, one Chilean and one Colombian alumni have also paid a visit to the IAS teams.

Finally, at the beginning of the month, Amanda Boscus, IAS Alumni Network Manager, released a new tool, the IAS Alum’News. This brand new newsletter is intended exclusively for our alumni.

These recent developments constitute the blueprint of future evolution for our network, leveraging 38 years of expertise and nearly 3,800 members!