Congratulations to the laureates of the 2019 FASIA ceremony

This year, the 2019 ceremony rewarded 23 participants with the French Aeronautic and Space Industry Award, in presence of IAS President, Mr Frédéric Pochet-Reynes, Vice-President International Cooperation – Airbus, Mr Rémy Moreau, Senior Director, International Cooperation & Offsets – Airbus, representing Mr Jean-Luc Charles, Sponsor of this 2018-2019 session and Mr Bernard Keller, Vice President Toulouse Metropole.Our special guest made a speech on the aeronautic and space field in Toulouse and about the importance of the developping competences in this sector, as well as enhancing international cooperation links !

The participants coming from AVIC, AIDC, CAST, GGPEN, NCSIST and USTH  received the French Aeronautic and Space Industry Award, a present from Airbus and the official trophy, as symbol of their membership to the IAS Alumni Network.A presentation of the latest evolutions has been delivered by Amanda Boscus, IAS Alumni Network Manager, as well as the traditional video testimonies from members of the Network.Again congratulations to all of the participants to the IAS viagra from canada Annual Master Program 2018-2019!