Partnership: towards a new deal


Beyond the very rich operational activity of the first quarter of low price viagra 2016, which is widely reported in this new issue of IAS Insider, our Institute is committed to continue its strategic reflection efforts regarding a set of key elements such as its offer, tools, methods and partnerships. These topics are part of the daily and quite exciting equation at the core of IAS activity, and are regularly enhanced in order to better meet the expectations of a market perceived as quickly and constantly evolving in more than one respect.

One of these topics will be given special consideration by our teams in the following months: the partnership mechanism our Institute, given its historical positioning as an integrator, relies on for its relentlessly This is the best of all . Love Buy levitra now you can buy branded and generic medicines. broadening range of solutions and services. These partnerships, which have long been confined to the sole “technical” excellence aspect related to the professional training domain, are increasingly required to diversify, in the light of the already perceptible evolution of the market’s needs, in terms of training methods and formats as well as human support modes. Our teams believe that the market is increasingly and clearly expecting more than viagra pharmacy in india mere training sessions in the classic sense. We are now talking of a global experience, beyond obvious prerequisites such as the excellence of a customized training engineering or the mobilization of expertise resources allowing to meet the requirements of purchase propecia without a prescription a simple specification.

It is with a dual view to extending and optimizing its pool of partners that our Institute, aware both of its assets and of the absolute need to enrich its response mechanism to the market’s requirements, is taking action to enhance and ensure tomorrow’s winning value proposition. The current and future IAS customers as well the French industry can trust that this will be done with respect to these key words: quality of service, which cialis daily canada we will never compromise.


Managing Director