Ambitions for 2017


While our Institute’s operational activities are well underway in this first quarter of 2017, it is not too late to unveil the major tasks and challenges which will mobilize our team throughout a year which is clearly focused on ambition. Or rather on a sum of ambitions, which, once combined, should consolidate the sustainable success dynamics of our Institute’s value proposition.

First, lowest-price propecia costs us ambitions in terms of innovation. This includes IAS Annual Master program, for which the provided services, based on a brand new Summer program, are being completely redesigned. Directly inspired by our customers’ expectations, this new program will focus on a whole range of innovative contents and methods, aimed at reinforcing the securing of our future alumni.

Second, ambitions in buy levitra now terms of partnership. Our teams’ longtime belief is that our customers are increasingly and clearly expecting more than mere training programs. We are now talking of a global experience, beyond traditional and strictly “technical” prerequisites such as the relevance of a training engineering tailored to meet customers’ needs as closely as possible, the mobilization of reference expertise resources, or the implementation of pinpoint logistic tools. It is therefore with a view, already well underway in 2016, to extending its pool of partners in the broad sense — from industry experts to industrial tourism professionals and event service providers — that our Institute is taking action in 2017 to lay the foundations of tomorrow’s differentiating service equation.

Finally, ambitions in terms of visibility consolidation, with Le Bourget Air show 2017 fast approaching, during which our teams will increase exchanges with our main customers, prospects and partners. IAS will have its own booth at the SIAE for the second time in a row, and will take advantage of this exhibition to unveil a brand new external communication tool, specifically designed for the occasion. That’s not including an event organized under the auspices of the GIFAS, gathering for the first time French aerospace stakeholders and members of our Alumni network for a moment canada no prescription viagra of exchange that promises many highlights.

All of which means that 2017, characterized by the tempo of these combined ambitions, should be of special relevance for our Institute.


Managing Director