Right at home


A good number of IAS customers and partners regularly highlight that our Institute’s solid local presence clearly constitutes one of its key assets and differentiators. Indeed, to say the least, IAS is right at home in the Occitanie region, and has been for nearly forty years.

Cornerstones of the local industry, in 2018, the aeronautic and space sectors are directly and indirectly employing around 90,000 people in more than 1,100 companies. In addition, several major research centers and academic entities are contributing both to technology development and workforce renewal. Since its inception in 1980, IAS has been playing its part fully in this powerful dynamic―in various capacities, most often combined.

First, the Institute contributes to promoting industrial and technological expertise and know-how unanimously acknowledged as world references. Second, it acts as a vehicle promoting the ‘Pink City’ as a world capital of academic and research skills in the aerospace sector. In this regard, the examples drawn from the most recent operational achievements are many, from which we will retain only one: more than 80% of the partners called upon by the Institute over the last five years are local experts and entities. Third and finally, our Institute, through the training experiences it offers, plays to the full its role as an advocate for the rich local historical, cultural and touristic heritage. Driven by a demand dynamic which fully justifies its registration with Atout France, the French tourism development agency, the Institute continues with passion and energy this important part of its mission, relying on many long-time and proven local partnerships.

Let us not forget the IAS vast multimodal real estate, which constitutes a very solid local anchorage element. An integral part of the Institute’s service equation, this unique set up has been taking full advantage for the last three years of the strong dynamic driving the Toulouse Aerospace Technoparc, and is the most common component of this project referred to by the local public authorities.

All of these elements are making the Institute a very relevant and useful stakeholder in an ecosystem in which it is obviously right at home.



Managing Director