Congratulations and thank you!


As 2018 draws to a close, it is for me a much awaited opportunity to commend the tremendous work carried out by the IAS team over the last twelve months. As can be seen, the results of this work are more than compelling: a backlog of firm orders multiplied by ten, representing today more than 3.8 million Euros –a first in IAS long history; very significant contract awards, both in terms of duration and volume, with a cumulated value exceeding 3.4 million Euros as of the 1st of January, and marked by the signature of one of the most important contracts ever won by IAS in almost 39 years of existence; the implementation of various specific training actions of all duration, which allowed to both confirm and strengthen the soundness of a proven operational system, at the core of an ecosystem of partners with a long-established track record.

These results are indeed anything but fortuitous. They are rewarding hard work carried out for nearly five years to advance the Institute at all levels (in terms of offer, commercial strategy, organization, tools and methods), and to constantly adapt it to the changes of a market environment as demanding as competitive.

Although this is actually a work in progress, given the inherent particularities of each service, these results are primarily due to the IAS teams, who have never balked at a task and are today entitled to reap the benefits. Congratulations and thanks to our teams for their daily commitment, measurable both collectively and individually. Congratulations and thanks to our teams for these first-class operational achievements, which are regularly commended by our clients, end customers, and partners, regardless of their historical relationship with the Institute. Congratulations and thanks to our teams for their collective resilience and intelligence that has never been refuted over time.

This editorial is a tribute to the IAS teams. Congratulations and thank you.



Managing Director