A first for IAS: a training action for a GEAD GIFAS member

For the first time ever, on the 5th and 6th of December, IAS implemented a training action for a MidCap belonging to the GIFAS aeronautical and defence equipment group (GEAD). The objective for our customer, a large industrial group present in a variety of domains such as aerospace, defense, transport or energy, was to enhance its activities in the aeronautic field.

Designed for commercial team and department managers based in international markets, this training session focused on commercial strategy and team building.

This action makes it clear that IAS is a tool supporting the whole of the French aerospace companies, whether large corporations, MidCaps, SMEs or micro-enterprises seeking to expand internationally. This session also allowed IAS to prepare a registration file to be listed as a vocational training entity dedicated to French stakeholders wishing to develop in international markets.