IAS Annual Master Program class meets its sponsor

For many years now, each class of the IAS Annual Master Program has been sponsored by a representative of the French aerospace industry. The sponsor of the 2018–2019 class, which gathers 29 professionals of the global aerospace industry, is Jean-Luc CHARLES, former head of the A380 assembly line.

During an evening dedicated to meeting the students, held on the 29th of November, Mr. CHARLES presented his career path from him joining Airbus in 1980 as an A310 Design Office-Project leader to the various positions he has been holding recently, focusing on his international experience. This presentation sparked many questions and gave rise to many exchanges.

The dinner which followed this formal event allowed for further discussion and to develop closer relations between the sponsor and its class.

More meetings have already been scheduled over the next months, the high point of the year being the 2019 FASIA ceremony.