June is traditionally a month dedicated to exhibitions for the IAS teams.

Le Bourget Air show brings together the stakeholders of the French and European space industry on odd years, and the Toulouse Space Show on even ones. The 6th edition of the event, which took place from the 26th to the 28th of June, gathered around 3000 visitors from some fifty countries. Several panel discussions have been given consideration by our teams, including those related to the industry of the future, the space economy or the revolution in Earth observation.

This event also enabled Pierre Valenti and Emilie Genoudet to take part to the first Space forum organized by the newspaper La Tribune, which objective was to highlight the Toulouse space ecosystem. A large portion of the same ecosystem had gathered a few days earlier on the 12th and 13th of June, in the frame of the Aerospace Valley members’ forum. Adeline Verdier and Alexandre Sadève, who attended the event, discussed topics such as human-machine interface as well as connected, autonomous and sustainable air transport with a number of experts.

Also, it is in the brand-new B612 building, next to our Institute and at the core of Toulouse Aerospace area that our teams took part in the Newspace Factory workshop organized by Aerospace Valley on the 29th of June.