Message from the sponsor of the 2018–2019 class of the IAS Annual Master Program

IAS offers a high-level training to the participants to pharmacy cialis the IAS Annual Master Program.

However, it is always important to complete this ‘academic’ training with a close contact with the industry.

I am offering to share the experience gained during my 40-year career with AIRBUS.

I had the opportunity to take part to the creation of AIRBUS starting from 1980, and to contribute to all the programs which viagra for order have made AIRBUS what it is today: the A300, A320, A340, A330, A350 and A380, and lately the A220, the result of a bold cooperation.

I have held almost viagra cialis levitra wholesale every position in the company, mainly in production with final assembly lines, but also abroad, with a strong experience both in Europe and China.

During my professional life, human experiences have been very rich and varied, this is something one cannot learn at school, and certainly the main subject I would like to raise with the students of the 2018–2019 class of the IAS annual Master program.


Sponsor of the 2018–2019 class of the IAS Master program

Head of the A380 assembly line – Airbus