April 2nd to 13th, Saudi Arabian Airlines Seminar

IAS has organized a seminar for the benefit of Saudi Arabian Airlines on « CREW TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT TRAINING », from April 2nd to 13th, in Toulouse and Paris.

M. ALJOUFI Khalid M - Crew Control/Team Leader, M. AL-GAHOOM Mohammad S - Crew intermediate planner, M.ABUZABIBAH Rayed S - Crew training planner, M. AL-AHMADI Talal J - Crew control, M. ALYAHYAWI Saad A - Crew training planner, M. HAFIZ Esam F - Crew control, M.ALJAHDALI Abdulaziz A - Crew intermediate planner, M. BALKHI Essam M - Crew utilizations planners, M. MUJAHED Ashraf M - Crew manpower and leave planner, M. ALHAYDARI Bandar M - Crew intermediate planner, M. AL SALMAN Emad A - Crew training planner, M. ALOUFI Omar A - Crew utilizations planners, M. ALGHAMDI Khalid S - Crew control, M. ALADANI Talal A - Crew intermediate planner, M.ALBUGAMI Majid N - Crew control, M. Philippe CABON, Consultant, Dedale Consulting, Mme Frédérique BRENIAUX – IAS, Melle Monia ZAKI, IAS

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