November 2014-Djeddah. « Aviation Management Professional Diploma »: 3rd group from Saudia since 2011

From the 2nd to the 17th of November, IAS implemented the second session of the Aviation Management Professional Diploma (AMPD) program for the 3rd year in a row. 23 future managers of the national airlines have attended this two-week training session on «Airline Managerial Skills Development and Mindset», which took place at Saudia’s training center in Jeddah.

Monia Zaki, IAS Key Account Manager for Middle East, is in charge of this program, whose structure was designed based on a prior training engineering phase. In addition, four experts from Airbus and AirBusiness Academy have been selected by IAS to implement and deliver the training in Jeddah. The objective of this training session was to provide the participants with the required managerial competences, such as project management and change management, as well as the associated soft skills.

The third session of this program will take place end of January 2015 in Jeddah. The contents will focus on applying skills acquired during the previous sessions to «managing an airline», through a specialized workshop.