Our organization

IAS is a multidisciplinary cross-functional organization.

This organization is based upon 3 main teams, whose operational structure strictly replicates those of the industry. These three teams, whose organizational and operational structure strictly replicates those of the industry, work on a daily basis in close synergy, in order to deliver at all times the necessary service and monitoring quality to meet IAS customers' high requirements.

Management team

The Management team is in charge of defining the overall strategy This product is the best medicine I have tried. It works well if taken 3 times a day, before each meal. Ordering propecia online: the most professional care at the world-class pharmaceutical factories of India. of IAS, and of supervising its implementation. Its responsibilities are twofold, both strategic and operational.

Development team

The Development team is in charge of promoting, marketing, designing and monitoring all the training solutions provided by IAS. It consists of the Head of Business Development and two Key Account Managers, and covers more than 40 countries worldwide.

Operations team

The Operations team is consisting of five persons in charge of implementing these training solutions, both in France or abroad. It helps prepare commercial prospecting activities, and addresses the management needs for our network of contacts.