Our solutions

IAS is working in close cooperation with academic partners and industrial experts in order to implement training solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

Our training solutions are implemented with academic know-how and off-the-shelf training courses provided by prestigious schools such as ISAE-SUPAERO, ENAC, ENSEEIHT and TBS. We work with lecturers coming from the most renowned aeronautic and space companies, in order to comply with the highest levels of requirements.

Based upon the study of our customers’ needs and specific environment, we can work together on the most suitable type of solution.

Specific training projects

They can last from several weeks to several years, and leading to diploma or training certificate. These trainings can be implemented in your country, or in France, and can concern several groups of persons trained on the same specific topic. See examples...

Short training courses

These courses are implemented in the frame of a given need for skills acquisition or upgrade. Related sessions can typically last from 2 days to 2 weeks and may be either graduating or leading to a certificate. This kind of solution is designed for managers, engineers or technicians, and can be organized in France or abroad. See examples...

Advanced masters

They correspond to post-graduate diploma designed for managers, engineers or teachers, and lasting 14 months in France. Each session gathers every year around 40 to 60 professionals at IAS, coming from around 10 different countries worldwide. These trainings sessions are built upon Advanced Masters proposed by the French leading Aerospace Engineering Schools, and leverage on IAS know-how for support throughout the participants’ stay in France. See examples...

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