The University of Sciences and Technology of Hanoi is considering the creation of an aeronautic training and commissions a feasibility study from IAS

Following a canada levitra pills mission in Vietnam at the end of last year and a request from the University of Sciences and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) consortium, IAS has been awarded a contract to carry out a feasibility study for the creation of an in-country aeronautic training program.

This study will consist in three steps: a preparation phase in order to define the project environment and partners, a mission in October in order to refine the details on the ground, and the delivery of the project analysis at the end of the year.

The USTH, a Vietnamese university of excellence, was created in 2009 following a how does viagra work France-Vietnam governmental agreement, with the aim of promoting training, research and innovation. Based on the Bachelor-Master-PhD degree structure, the university initially offered six multidisciplinary training and research topics, including aeronautics and space. The latter is only partially covered by the current Space Master. Thus, IAS is helping the USTH to identify the appropriate curriculum to match the needs of the Vietnamese market.