A three-month specific training actions: a first for IAS

Friday the 17th of November saw the end of the longest specific training action ever implemented by our Institute.

IAS had been hosting for more than two months a first group of engineers, researchers and military personnel for training in the space domain. Implemented for an industrial customer in the frame of a major export activity contract, this training includes two sessions of which the first was completed this quarter. The courses, carried out by industry experts from CNES, Euroconsult, Consult and Eurosae among others, focused on space environment and related new technologies. The feedback at the end of this first training session showed a very high level of satisfaction, with regard to both course quality and more generic aspects such as reception, logistic and support.

The second group arrived at the end of August; the eight participants are attending the ‘Satellite Communication System’ and ‘Satellite Engineering’ advanced masters carried out by ISAE-SUPAERO until March 2018.