Towards a new IAS Annual Master Program

At the end of its 2016 summer program, IAS launched a comprehensive consultation with the trainees of its Annual Master Program. This qualitative survey resulted in several suggestions which inspired IAS to reinvent its key program.

While the duration of the summer program remains the same (one month and a half), the addressed topics as well as the related contents will largely evolve in order to make this pre-academic phase a total immersive and participatory experience.

From August 2017, the French courses thus far proposed will be complemented by practical situations where each participant will have the opportunity to test their French outside of our premises. At the end of the curriculum, all trainees will validate their French-language proficiency by taking the “TFI”.
Similarly, the range of industrial visits will increase, and will not be limited only to the Toulouse area. The aerospace modules will, of course, remain at the core of the program, with a particular emphasis placed on new technologies and new trends in the industry.

A new module on “how to expand your professional network” will be implemented, including an introduction to digital networking and establishing relationship with the IAS Alumni Network‘s members.
Finally, thematic workshops as well as professional and cultural events will be organized during the 14-month stay in France of the trainees of the IAS Annual Master Program, with the support of the IAS team.