Welcome on board of the IAS Alumni Network

Our brand-new digital platform, IAS Alumni Network (www.iasalumni.org), is on line since the 18th of June! This new interactive tool has been met with great enthusiasm, and more than 200 alumni have already activated their account.

This site provides access to a series of articles dedicated to the network’s news and events, as well as to more specific sections such as professional achievements of our alumni. An exhaustive research module will enable the members to get back in touch or to make new contacts. This tool allows each member to manage their profile, to post contents and to take full control of their privacy settings.

The first newsletter exclusively dedicated to our alumni will be published in a few days’ time. Further new features are still to come, namely a ‘Career space’ including job offers, CVs, company profiles, etc.

In short, IAS did not launch just a simple exchange platform, but its first dedicated social network!