Our differentiators

Our corporate positioning as member of the aerospace community builds upon key differentiators that are the components of our specific brand:
– its GIFAS backing, giving IAS preferential access to the industry’s operational teams and their needs ;
– its capacity to build tailor-made training solutions adapted to our customers’ specific needs ;
– its strong international network, representing a genuine nurturer of channels of influence for the French aerospace industry ;
– its dedicated and responsive team divided in three main functions working close together ;
– its location in Toulouse, close to the major aerospace industries and educational institutions.

Backed by GIFAS, IAS can leverage a preferential and instant access to its customers' operational teams (sales, marketing, strategy, offsets, supply, etc.). This also allows IAS to viagra canada purchase be clearly identified as a member of the French aerospace industry "family". As a result, IAS positions itself as a service provider directly appointed by the French aerospace sector, which guaranties a high level of quality, in compliance with the requirements of the aerospace industry.
Providing tailor-made training solutions to the aerospace professional community worldwide.
IAS is an independent organization, providing training for all aerospace domains and all customers. Our training canada no prescription viagra solutions are specifically tailored to answer our clients' needs: we do not offer a catalog-based approach.
Leveraging a strong international network of industry experts, academic partners and customers. Our network gathers more than 3,800 persons trained to date, from around 150 companies, covering more than 100 cialis professional countries worldwide. Our partners and customers are all major actors from the domain and can bring viagra in australia for sale their expertise on technical or non-technical subjects.
Building upon a dedicated and responsive team
We have 10 persons dedicated to international professional training solutions and services implementation. This team is organized in a cross-functional way, taking into account the customer’s requirements all along our working processes.

Located in Toulouse, the European aerospace capital, IAS works in close proximity to major stakeholders:
- specialized educational institutions (ISAE SUPAERO, ENAC, Toulouse Business School, and ENSEEIHT);
- institutional bodies operating in the aerospace field: CNES, Toulouse Aerospace, as well as major research laboratories;
- aeronautic & space industry experts from Airbus, ATR, Thales, Safran, Liebherr, Latecoere, etc.

The strength of a 38-year-old international network, a genuine nurturer of channels of influence, supporting the interests of the French aerospace industry through training.
As a nonprofit organization backed by GIFAS and the French aerospace sector, IAS operates on a neutral basis with the stakeholders of the industry. Our ability to design tailored training solutions relies upon focusing on skill development for our end customers. IAS acts as an interface and operates while leveraging the know-how and expertise of all our partners (engineering and business schools, research laboratories, specialized consultancy companies), without any conflict of interests. Our organization leverages the competences of dedicated staff, which builds upon great working power and team spirit. Adaptability, integrity, autonomy, humility and quality are our keywords, in order to meet the aeronautic and space domains high level of requirements.