On the 28th of June, Pierre Valenti presented the 2016 accounts to the IAS Board meeting. This meeting, held in Paris, allowed the Institute to validate its annual accounts in the presence of the GIFAS representatives, the IAS Board and the IAS President.

As mentioned in its activity report, in 2016, IAS trained 161 people through nine training actions carried out for some twelve countries, such as Angola, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, Oman, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Venezuela. In 2016, IAS also welcomed 81 trainees in the frame of the 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 classes of the IAS Annual Master Program, and 80 professionals who attended the specific training actions implemented for Airbus Helicopters, PTDI, CAST, CNSA, and Saudia.